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Wednesday, 19. February 2014
10 Celebrities With Porn Backgrounds Who Prove There Could Be Hope For Teen Mom Farrah Abraham
By romonasadd, 22:06

Jackie chan, porn Not exactly mainstream, but a slight step above October Silk. Sylvester Stallone Adult: The Party At Kitty And Studs Mainstream: Rocky, The Expendables, Rambo, etc Sly probably has the most famous porn-to-mainstream record of anybody on this list, as hes not only one of the highest paid action stars ever, but also appeared in a seriously dirty movie. The original Party At Kitty And Studs supposedly included Stallone cranking out some money shots, but the footage was later cut and the film repackaged as Stallone became more popular. Robert Kerman Adult: Debbie Does Dallas, The Satisfiers Of Alpha Blue Mainstream: Cannibal Holocaust, Eaten Alive!, Cannibal Ferox Okay, calling Cannibal Holocaust a mainstream film is about as far from mainstream as you can get. That said, Kerman did go on to play the tugboat captain in Spider-Man , which is about as mainstream as possible. Cameron Diaz Adult: Just a weird untitled soft-core video Mainstream: Theres Something About Mary, Bad Teacher, The Mask Two years before Cameron Diaz did The Mask she filmed some soft-core S&M footage which didnt see the light of day for a long time.

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