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Kanye West?s Best Quotes About Kim Kardashian
By romonasadd, 02.12.2013, 01:23

Takes her hours to get ready with her make-up artists and stylist each night to take those vanity pictures. says reply to this 3 The lack of humility on Kim's part is astounding. She is hated by the public, but defends herself with the moxie of someone who actually deserves her fame and money. But I still can't get over the drugged look she has lately.maybe she does have a soul.NO, I don't think she does!

Why wont these people just understand that!? It is difficult work following your husband on his tour and even tougher doing it under the watchful eye of the paparazzi. Just look at all of this hard work: Look at the blood, sweat and tears involved. And a well deserved break at the end. I dont know why anyone would ever think anything else.

Kim Kardashian Loves Selfies And We Love That She Loves Selfies

29) as part of his "Yeezus" North American tour. The supporting fiancee that she is, Kim came along to cheer him on -- and documented the process in a series of selfies posted to Instagram. The only question we have, miss K, is where are your panties?! Also on HuffPost:

Blonde beauty Kim posted the show on Instagram alongside the caption: "Bathroom selfie before Yeezus hits the stage." And it looks like they'd both been on a jolly customise-your-clothing spree as Kim was sporting a figure-hugging slashed black frock, while Kanye was dressed in a JLS-style low-cut vest and colour-splattered jeans. The multi-millionaire duo are currently in Miami as rapper Kanye performs more gigs as part of his epic Yeezus tour. Later that night, snap-happy Kim posted even more pictures as she posed alongside a bevvy of close pals as they partied in Miami. The day before, the reality star said she was finding it tough spending Thanksgiving away from her mum and her sisters, but was grateful for having Kanye and baby North by her side. Kim, who spent her first thanksgiving with North, praised her fiance Kanye West and remembered her late father, Robert in a message to fans posted on her website.

I don't even want to think about it, because she always seems to know how to take a photo that will get everyone talking. Kim and Kanye West were in Miami last night for one of the stops on The Yeezus Tour and, as with any other day of the week, she snapped plenty of pics to keep the masses informed and happy. Although there are plenty of photos to shift through, and you can at the top of this post, one of them steals the spotlight from all the rest. The picture in question not only shows off how amazing Kim looks just months after having her first child, but it also gives insight into, arguably, Hollywood's most talked about relationship.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been on another selfie spree - this time in a bathroom

Like, one of the most beautiful people of all time, West gushed during a visit to On Air With Ryan Seacrest. Hey You, Barack Obama! Regarding President Obamas criticism of Kardashian, West left this simple message.He shouldnt mention my baby mama name, cause we both from Chicago, he told radio hosts at Philadelphias Hot 107.9 . Lest We Forget, Kim is awesome! Stop everything youre doing now/ Because baby, youre awesome, West sang to an ecstatic Kardashian during a performance at the 2013 Met Gala . Dont let nobody get you down/ Because youre awesome/ You dont need to listen to your manager/ You must be tired of running through my mind/ Can I come inside?

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